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What may have occurred is a micro stroke.  It is also known as a transient Ischemic Attack. (TIA)  The obstruction doesn't last long enough to cause permanent damage but it is a HUGE warning sign that a major event may be in your future. If your doctors have not considered this possibility, get another opinion.  A TIA can manifest itself in many ways just like a full blown stroke but it doesn't leave "finger prints"after the fact like a stroke does.  If it was a TIA, treatment could be as simple as taking aspirin daily.  Aspirin is a blood thinner.  There are many other prescription drugs as well.
Obviously, this is neither a diagnosis nor a prescription.  
Here is a link.
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To all my friends who were concerned about my recent hospitalization I want
to say thanks.

It seems I had an irregular heart rhythm. The cause is unknown. Old age is
suspected! On Wednesday morning I was prepping my race car trailer when I
thought I had a dizzy spell, something I never do. I thought I sat down on
the driveway until I regained my head. I then decided to walk to the shop
but when I got inside I felt dizzy again so I sat down in my office chair in
the AC. A few minutes later Janet came down to see if I wanted lunch. I said
I may have fallen as there was blood on my hands from my head. Also my
thoughts were still a bit mixed up. I was also not making any sense so off
to the ER which is very close to our house. It was determined I had passed
out, fallen backwards on to the concrete drive where I hit my head and hurt
my arm hands and shoulder. I spent four days in the hospital where they
administered all kinds of tests, poked me with needles and injected various
chemicals into me one of which was radioactive! All of the tests came back
normal. No broken bone, obvious sprains, pulls etc. I did have an irregular
heart rhythm the first day I was in but everything returned to normal for
the rest of my stay. I have another series of tests to schedule this week
but I am feeling fine. We will see what the Doc has to say but it looks like
I may get a pacemaker which is just a device that helps keep you heart beats
regular by not letting them fall below the norm. I can still race, just not
this year! I'll be good to go in no time. Ya'll ain't rid of me yet.

Rick Norris

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