<VV> Was Fuel Leak Now Head Nuts

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Fri Sep 28 00:14:47 EDT 2018

Roboman said:

"1.  If applied to attaching heads to our Corvair motors, your method 
would likely result in multiple studs ripping out of the crank cases.  
The additional stretch of the nut/stud interface would transmit to the 
stud/crank case with disastrous results. Never lubricate these threads."


I live in the rusty easy and have been using Anti-Seize on Corvair head 
nuts for over 35 years.  I DO check the studs before installing heads by 
using pipe spacers and torque the nuts to 35 ft-lbs. If they pass this 
test, then I put the head on, Anti-Seize the threads and torque to 30-33 
ft-lbs depending on year.

And despite the west coasters on many forums saying I will loose my 
wheels, I also use grease/oil/Anti-Seize (whatever is close by) on lug 

Worked for me on thousands of cars.

Frank DuVal

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