<VV> front and rear early crossmembers

JUDY HOOK judynrandy at comcast.net
Fri Sep 28 18:12:38 EDT 2018

I have a question:   Are '60-'63 front and rear crossmembers the same as '64 front and rear crossmembers?  I have a complete set of each.  When sitting side by side, the '60-'63 and '64 rears look identical EXCEPT the '64 one has an extra set of holes in it.   As for the front crossmembers,  they also look about identical except the '64 has the mounting 

holes for the front sway bar assembly.  I also know the rear A-arms and front A-arms for '64 are different as they have

the stuff to mount the rear transverse leaf spring and front sway bar with.

The reason i'm asking this question is that, as I mentioned previously, I have a complete set of both.  HOWEVER, the '61 crossmembers are in much better shape than is the '64 ones.  The '64's have moderate damage.  On the rear one, somebody took a torch to the rear edge to remove it to install a 4-spd.  The front one is better, but the leading edge is curled down around the crossmember some. 

      So, in light of all this- are they interchangeable?  And If the answer should happen to be no, could I cut out the damaged section on the rear one and weld in new metal?  Would doing this weaken the structural integrity of this crossmember? And could I heat the front one with a torch to bend it back into the proper position?  Would doing this weaken the structural integrity of this crossmember?  Thank you in advance for your responses.  Inquiring minds want to know.

Randy (Cap'n) Hook

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