<VV> Fuel Leak / lug nuts

Joel McGregor joel at joelsplace.com
Sat Sep 29 08:51:30 EDT 2018

I can identify metric bolt sizes by sight much easier than inch sizes.  It's just what you are used to dealing with.
"rational, scientific and boring"
Exactly what I want for ease of use.  It's obvious that 17mm is larger than 15mm.  I have to stop and think about 5/16 vs 11/32.  Complicated waste of time.  There are plenty of interesting challenges in troubleshooting mechanical things.  I really dislike adding unnecessary complications and that doesn't even get into the stupid number sizes we use for small bolts.  10-32?

Joel McGregor

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And I dislike the metric system in practical terms. I can look at a bolt and
tell you whether it is 5/16" UNF, or 3/8" BSF, or 1/2" UNC, or whatever. I
struggle to do the same with metric bolts.
Finally, the metric system is rational, scientific and boring, whereas
traditional measures are idiosyncratic

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