<VV> Fuel Leak / lug nuts/ metric vs "English"

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sun Sep 30 00:13:59 EDT 2018

Wrench, anytime I need to remove an 8-32 hex head machine screw or nut 
in the correct size hex.

Thread size,  crankshaft bolt on a Corvair engine! 11/32-24.

Joel, obviously 11 is greater than 10....... You never did framing work 
here in the US!

The 32 is just as relevant as 0.7, both are thread pitches.

Have a hard time with AWG, number and letter drill bits also?

I work with screws and bolts, so I can usually tell what size (diameter) 
and pitch any bolt is, metric, SAE or USS. No problem for me. And I know 
close to what wrench fits the hex. The 12 vs 13 heads, etc are the 
issue, since no agreement between Japanese and European manufacturers on 
hex sizes (just like here on 8-32 hex size, it can be 5/16 [small 
pattern hex] 11/32, or 3/8 [large pattern hex]).

We tried going all metric in 1978, didn't work then, probably not going 
to work in the future, until everything we buy comes form China! Like 
lumber and material (cloth).

Got to go, need to pick up some 38 by 89s...........   Oh, that's 
easier...........  Ha!

Frank DuVal

On 9/29/2018 8:59 AM, Hugo Miller via VirtualVairs wrote:
> 11/32"? When did you last see one of those!

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