<VV> Restoration of a Corvair with FLEX SEAL Glue products.

Jerry Brown air_cooled63 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 1 14:42:28 EDT 2019

Hi all.  After all the years watching the TV on FLEX SEAL Products I decided to restore a 62 SPYDER  with their products.  I sealed the new floor pans in with the Flex Glue and sprayed over them with the Flex seal to help deaden the noise.  The Flex Tape worked great in some of the small panel replacements.  I've really have had a great easy time restoring the car as it's been so easy to glue, tape, or spray every thing back together and it's holding together strong as can be just like the dune buggy put together in their advertisement on TV.  The cost of using FLEX Products has been much, much cheaper and faster.  It has worked out so well I'm going to restore another Corvair again real soon.  I recommend everybody to use the FLEX SEAL Products in the repair or restoration of their Cars to.
Jerry Brown

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