<VV> Turbo heads exhaust valve guides

Brian bmoneill at juno.com
Tue Apr 16 16:49:49 EDT 2019

I just picked up a set of 1965 Turbo cylinder heads from my local automobile machine shop.  The owner is very well respected and known for his top-notch work.  He did the valve seats, guys and valves for me on the cents.  When I picked them up he told me that he had installed seals on the exhaust valve guides.  I told him I didn't think that Turbo exhaust valve guides took seals and I was concerned about the heat that the ease guides are subject to.  The guides are new.  They were ordered from Clark's and all the ones that have snap brings to keep the guide from falling into the combustion chamber.  My friend told me that the guides looked as if they were made to have seals.  He told me that to the best of his memory early Corvair engines had Capps on the exhaust valves that prevented them from being bathed in oil.  Right now I'm not sure what I should do should I leave the seals on?  If I do do I run into any issues?  Am I better to take them off?  Many thanks in advance for any advice I can get.
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