<VV> Engine only runs for a coupe of seconds.

Brian bmoneill at juno.com
Tue Apr 23 19:28:54 EDT 2019

I am seeking help for a Mistry regarding the engine in my track car.  It has a lot of the standard goodies along with 3 9/16 pistons for displacement of about 176 cubic inches.  To use the timeworn expression, it ran when parked in the trailer last fall.  A couple of weeks ago I tried to start it with no success.  Removing a spark plug and a grounding it against the engine block showed that I was not getting any spark.  I immediately suspected the electronic ignition and so replace it with a points plate set up.  I then saw a spark on the grounded spark plug.  I reinstalled the plug and attempted to start at.  At first it was difficult to start.  I believe part of the problem was the fact that my old shell style battery is worn out and will not hold a good charge.  I stole the battery from my 1965 convertible and the engine crank at a normal speed.  It took shots of starter fluid but finally it fired with a lot of backfiring through the carburetors which I attributed to the lifters not being pumped up.  After a number of attempts the engine did start with very little difficulty.  However it only runs for a couple of seconds and seems to die because it has run out of fuel.  In an attempt to solve the problem a different coil was tried with exactly the same results.
This whole thing is confusing because right after the engine dies and I activate the throttle cross shaft I get big fat shots of gas from the four accelerator pumps.  We make me wonder if I have blockages inside one or more of the carburetors.  I'm looking for any useful suggestions.  Thanks i

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