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Thu Apr 25 21:35:42 EDT 2019

REAL Brake clean is mostly tri cloro florocarbons (bad chemicals!) which can raise cain with your lungs if you breathe the results of running it thru combustion. I can not remember the real chemistry of it , but if the brake clean runs thru a running engine or near a salamander heater , it can cause instant damage to your lungs. I went to a seminar a long time ago that made a point of that subject. Also tri clorothane nu was a cleaning chemical similar to carbon tet that was even more dangerous if handled wrong. It takes the oils out of your skin , and lungs get brittle from it.   Most M S D sheets are not over stated about safety concerns..Carb clean would be better than Brake clean , but plain ole gas in a good squirt oiler is what the motor is supposed to run on without preignition  (pinging / detonation)damage . You might better try to trouble shoot it to make it start properly..find out why no fuel or spark.  On my test stand , I have a marine squeeze bulb in the fuel line to prime freshly built motors ( and find leeky brand new  fuel pumps or carb problems  LOL)Regards, Tim Colson    http://www.cnycorvair.com/Little_Corvair_Shop.php

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