Harry Yarnell (Verizon) harryyarnell at verizon.net
Fri Apr 26 08:52:47 EDT 2019

As Tim points out, tri-clor is a great degreaser. 

We used it when I worked at Bendix to deflux printed circuit boards running down the assy line.

I used to smuggle the stuff out in my thermos bottle to use at home on cleaning Corvair parts.

I’m lucky to be alive …


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I forgot to point that out ...

When I worked on GM electronics we had a vapor degreaser using reclaimed tri clorethylene nu in a 55 gallon heated drum with a basket. Worked great on Corvair parts , but if your hands got in the vapor 2 seconds , they were white with no oil. you had to put creme on right away or chemical irritation lasted several days.. I did wiper motors ,cruise controls  and speedometers in that solution as directed by the AC guys. Looked like a witches brew..



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