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Holly crap!!
The only thing that matters is he’s OK. I’m sure Alan can get the wagon back to new. Maybe it was a good thing, he got that aneurysm fixed. Be sure to give him our best!!

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> On Jun 30, 2019, at 10:11 PM, Charles Sadek <Chsadek at comcast.net> wrote:
> On his way home to Virginia Beach last Monday, Smitty was involved in an accident at the merge of I 64 and I 264 in Norfolk. He is recovering at the Cardiology ICU Norfolk General. He has several cracked bones  on his left side, a now repaired aneurysm, separated ribs on both sides. Left arm is pretty torn up. His gorgeous face is unmarked… Smile.
> He looks good and will be transferred to a step down unit at the hospital soon. He was sitting in a chair the entire time I saw him Saturday.
> The left side of his “64” Corvair Station Wagon is destroyed, left front fender, front panel, hood as well. Allen Bristow and Paul Whelan picked it up from the towing yard and drove it onto the trailer.  It is now in a friend’s  garage.
> Please include him in your prayers and wish him a speedy recovery.
> Chuck Sadek
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