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Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
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Do you have a stock wiring system or has somebody "improved" it like with a 
whole car circuit breaker?  That behavior can be caused by a temporarily 
lost connection at your splice or anywhere else along the big red wire from 
the voltage regulator to the first splice in the harness under the dash.  A 
hard ground along the same path and even beyond the under-dash splice could 
do the same, but that would likely cause some heat and/or smoke.

Jim Becker

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Chevys have a bi-metallic strip in the headlight switch that acts as a
thermal cut-out. Instead of a fuse or a tripping circuit breaker, they
will break the headlamp circuit when it is overloaded, but re-make it
when it cools down. But that doesn't explain why everything else went
off. I would start by checking the headlamp circuit for a short though.

On 2019-07-06 17:25, Jon Peters via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Got a electrical problem with my 1964 Monza convertible.Went on a
> road trip, heading back early in the morning on HW 101 radio, gps
> andhigh beams on. All of a sudden everything goes off, pitch dark,
> about 1- or2-seconds lights come back on, big backfire as the engine
> restarts, and off wego as if nothing had happened. Went on for 5
> minutes happened again. Restartedas before. We pulled off at a rest
> area check out the main wires in the engine compartment,the connecter
> at the battery was good, 12v main power plugin at the harness hadbeen
> replaced already with a splice, both at the battery and the splice are
> newwires and were tight and cool to the touch.  Waited till it got
> lighter, found that once Iused low beam it only did it once or twice
> and rest of the trip home about 200miles with the lights off it did
> not cut out at all. I’m guessing it is at thefuse box. Any of you have
> had the same problem?
> Thanks Jon Peters, 1tallguy at att.net 

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