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Close.  Try 4 terminals.
1 power in then ignition switch is in "run".
2 power out in reverse for backup lights.
3 power in when ignition switch is in "start".
4 power out in neutral for starter solenoid.

If both outputs shared the same input, the starter would spin whenever it 
was in neutral.

As I recall, 3/4 are usually purple.  Don't know color of 1/2, may vary by 

Jim Becker

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CP  is correct!   3 terminals  1  Power IN  when KEY  is ON!    2  Power out 
when switch is in Neutral for Starter   3  Power OUT  when switch is in 
REVERSE  for backup lights.

See FREE  Downloadable Wiring diagrams  for the colors.

Matt Nall
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Back up lights?

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