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  First check to see if there is fuel in the tank, probably is. If you have a compressor, you can pressurize the tank a bit. I just wrap cloth around the air hose to partially block the air from escaping too much.
  Disconnect the fuel line from the tank from the pump. 

 If no fuel spurts out of the line at the pump, the line is clogged. I never had a clogged fuel line in 50 years. Is the pump properly pushed all the way down and the set screw  located properly?  I had this problem once.

    On Sunday, June 2, 2019, 9:24:54 AM EDT, Charles Lee via VirtualVairs <virtualvairs at corvair.org> wrote:  
I just bought a fairly nice '65 Monza 110 coupe and this is another

After cleaning up and "rebuilding" both carbs, the engine runs long enough
to drain the fuel bowls that I've re-filled several times.

Suspecting the fuel pump, I replaced it, but the problem persists.

So, I disconnected the outlet from the pump to the left side carb to see if
and fuel pours out when I crank the engine, but none comes out.

The fuel pump seems to have a bit of suction at the input port when I crank
her over, but maybe not enough?

Is there a way to measure the vacuum that should be drawing fuel from the

I used an electric fuel pump on the line that comes from the tank, to see if
it would draw fuel up into it, but no fuel comes out of the electric pump.

A)  Does the electric pump need to be "primed"?  (unlikely)

B)  Does this indicate a blocked fuel line from the tank?  (more likely)

I'll climb under her to check out that front-to-back fuel line, if electric
pump DOES NOT need to be "primed" and is indicative of a blocked line?  

I may install the electric pump but want to clear up any other problems

Thanks for any insights!

Charles Lee


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