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If you just bought this car and know absolutely nothing about it, you'd be wise to go over the ENTIRE fuel system from the tank back.  That way, you'll then know exactly what you have, and peace of mind is worth something. 

If it were me, i'd go ahead and pull the tank.  Then clean it good and thoroughly inspect it.  Then replace the "pick-up sock" and rubber hoses.  Then you make sure the line from the tank to the engine bay is clear.  A good place to install an in-line fuel filter is at the rubber line where it goes into the engine bay.  Also, i'd suggest submerging your used fuel pump in a container of diesel fuel after this.  Why? If you don't, and just lay it aside, the ethanol will kill it.  Don't ask me how I know.  It happened to me twice in a row and cost me TWO fuel pumps until I figured out what was going on.  That ethanol is nasty stuff to rubber parts.  My 2 cents......

Randy (Cap'n) Hook


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