<VV> One of the Worst Trucks?!?

roboman91324 at aol.com roboman91324 at aol.com
Wed May 8 14:01:27 EDT 2019

AOL has a welcome page that comes up when you open the browser.  It offers up a wide variety of topics that come up in rotation.  Mostly, the topics are nothing more than click-bait with oodles of pop-up ads waiting for your viewing pleasure.  I opened one with the title, "The most useless trucks ever made."  The Rampside eventually showed up well into the procession of allegedly dismal trucks.  The article was created by Money Pop, whoever they are.  All of the attacks on other vehicles were offered with explanations of what their faults were.  You know, stuff like under-powered engines, rust, handling and reliability issues.  All valid issues, if true.  The Rampside was different.  There was nothing in there regarding any specific performance, reliability or handling issues.  Apparently, its faults were its looks and low production numbers.  They state that the "Rampside looks like a car made for novelty."  They go on to state that it "looks like it wouldn't stand a chance against a Mazda B Series."  In the second paragraph, they state that 1961 production was "little more than 2,800."  They go on to state that 1962 production was less than 400.  Hmmm ... my numbers indicate 10,787 and 4,102 respectively.  Those are without Loadside numbers.  However, I will print out the article and use it as a selling point if I ever go to sell my 1961 and 1962 Rampsides.  Who wouldn't want one of only 400 vehicles of any model .... very rare.  Following  are the links.  The first link is the one specific to the Rampside and the second link is to the start of the article.  The Rampside is number 37 on the overall list so you may want to go directly to the one on the Rampside.  There is a picture of a beautiful Rampside.
By the way, they trash the Bronco as well.  I have one and disagree with their assessment on that vehicle as well.

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