<VV> One of the Worst Trucks?!?

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Wed May 8 16:02:49 EDT 2019

Thanks for the advice.  I realize that AOL and pretty much every commercial enterprise on the internet has an agenda to make money.  Most of them do this by attracting advertisers who pay them for the exposure.  I do not begrudge them their desire to make money.  That's the American way.  I posted what I did to highlight more bits of misinformation about our Corvairs.  Though I mentioned "click-bait" in a negative way, that was not the main purpose of my posts.  I think you missed my point.  Despite your opening sentence, I think lots of people on VV and Corvnatics care about the unwarranted disrespect our cars suffer.  I do.  Do you? 

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Who Cares!!  Another money grubbing click-bait BS distributor.  If no one clicks on this junk maybe they will find something useful to do.  Resist. the. Urge.   Let it go. 

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