<VV> Engine identification.

Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Mon May 13 22:59:01 EDT 2019

I understand now. The one engine is missing the thermostat doors at the back which regulate engine temperature.
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    On Monday, 13 May 2019, 16:14:56 GMT-4, Hugo Miller <hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk> wrote:  
 Thanks - that is most useful. I appear to be missing the little square 
plates at either side when viewed from the back, so I can look along the 
pushrod tubes from the rear of the car. They are covered up underneath.
I think there is a bracket hiding the rear face of the right head - 
I'll have another look when it stops raining!
Logically, I suppose an engine with a harmonic balancer could be early 
or late, since it is feasible to retro-fit a balancer to an early 
engine, but much less likely that someone would fit a pulley to a later 
engine instead of the balancer.

On 2019-05-13 13:40, Doug Mackintosh wrote:
> Unfortunately the YN code was used for both 145 and 164 Cu in engines
> in different years. If it has a harmonic balancer rather than the
> simple pulley that would make it "likely" a 164.
> Your pushrod tubes should be covered by the shrouds (see attached
> photos with shroud installed and shroud removed). Sounds like one
> engine is missing the shrouds.
> The head numbers are at one end of the head, and the heads are
> interchangeable from side to side. So the number is on the rear end 
> on
> the right head, and on the forward end of the left head. See attached
> photo.
> Hugo said:
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> Ok, my 'older' engine is TO327YN, and my 'newer' one is TO712RD. I
> presume the head numbers are towards the front of the car, as I can't
> see the numbers from the back of the car? What I can see, however, is
> all the pushrod tubes on both sides of one engine; there are little
> square panels that are present on one engine blanking off this view,
> but
> these plates are absent from the other engine. I presume they should
> be
> in place?
> Both my fans are non-magnetic, so I guess they're magnesium?>>
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