<VV> I don't understand this my simple short explaination

N2VZD TIM n2vzd at aol.com
Mon May 20 13:56:24 EDT 2019

Try a weak battery start on a std shift Corvair sometime if you have a starter nose to waste.
Think on it , if the motor starts to turn over way too  slow , has spark and gas , it will get mad and kick back or grunt.. It does in starter drives even on other Pre computer   cars.. other things that do in starter noses / drives is timing too far advanced. Trying to start a warm motor with timing too far ahead will almost always  duplicate the situation. It will also speed up flywheel failure.
 So if the car grunts when trying to start ,I would  stop and fix the problem before it does worse. If the flywheel is loose enough to do in a stater , you have heard it rattle , or even felt the vibration at certain RPMs.Regards, Tim Colson 

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