<VV> Broken starter noses and Turbo's

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Wed May 22 00:05:01 EDT 2019


I can testify to that!  I have a turbo -- static advance is 24 BTDC -- and
I've broken a starter nose.  Hot day, battery a bit elderly and the engine
kicked back breaking the starter nose.

The other time I've seen a broken starter nose was on a PG car; they have
thinner ring gears and this one had lost a few teeth over the years.  When
the starter tried to engage, it caught on the worn and missing teeth and
cracked the noise piece twice before I helped the owner inspect the ring

Jim Simpson
Group Corvair

They start a heck of a lot better when the initial timing is 12 degrees or less, which cant be done with a stock turbo distributor. On my car, the timing starts at something like 6 degrees and then adds 2 degrees every crank revolution until the engine starts- no kickback ever! I went to distributorless a long time ago, and one of the cool features of that system is how the start timing works. After the engine starts, the base timing jumps to roughly 18 degrees at 750 rpm, and the vacuum advance adds another 10, and so the engine idles at around 28 degrees (yes the engine really does like this much timing after it starts!) . The other contributing factor to "kickback" is rich idle mixtures- this gets worse as the engine gets warmer.
Kevin Nash
63 Turbo EFI daily driver

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