<VV> Production date question: When was my '65 built?

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I love your comment, but no, she wasn't in any way a "car woman". 
Here's how I remember how she ended up with this Corvair.
Mom was going to by a year-end 1964 Impala, being a school 
teacher, she went to Tommy Ayres Chevrolet where her Teacher's 
Union had a discount program going.  The salesman took her into 
the basement of the dealership to look at an Impala that sounded 
interesting to her, and while looking at the Impala, she spotted a 
yet-to-be-introduced 1965 Corvair coupe. 
"That's the car I want"..or words to that effect.  Anyway, she forgot 
about the Impala and decided to get the Corvair.  But, it wasn't 
even on display yet; in this case, it was hidden in the basement 
until that magic day in the fall of 1964!
Fast forward a few days and her favorite son (me!) came home from 
college to "help" Mom order her car.  She was already in love with 
the yellow coupe with black interior.  Now it was turn to try a little 
subtle salesmanship.  "Mom, you know how it when it rains here 
in SoCal and the street intersections flood, you'll appreciate the 
safety you'll have with the posi-traction differential".
Then I mentioned that she’ll get better fuel economy with the 
stick shift (her personal cars had always been stick shift......remember, 
this was 1965) and even better economy with the four speed 
transmission.  And lastly, I mentioned that with the optional four 
carb engine, she will have better fuel distribution and therefore 
better fuel economy.  Honestly, I said everyone one of these things 
to her and it worked!  Maybe, she was a "car woman" after all!
She always loved that car!

                                       December 1964
Thirty years after this photo, I “purchased” the car from her for $1.

Steve Hammatt
Mount Vernon WA USA

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Your mom must have been a car woman!
Jim Bartasevich 

When all men think alike, no one thinks very much. - Walter Lippmann

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Guess what I found....my mother's file with receipts, so far dating back to

Also found some paperwork (receipt, etc.) from Ed Corson and a CORSA
business card handout presented by a Paul Jones (phone 776-2464).  Anybody
know who Paul Jones is (was)? He must be in Orange County....I'd imagine his
area code was (714) at that time. 

Also found a CHP "Notice to Appear" aka traffic ticket, when she was
traveling at 70mph (legal) on I-5  passing thru Oceanside, Calif.......she
was following too close to the car ahead.

Also found an original "I LOVE MY CORVAIR" black on bright orange bumper

Unfortunately I didn't find the original bill of sale, but I think I have it
I did find a stapled assembly of a booklet  apparently put out by Chevrolet
"Hobby & Sales Group" Customers Assistance Centers.  Sub-titled "Past Model
Information".  Not dated, but was from the Center's location in Troy, MI. 
It's well over 75+ pages of older Chevrolet Specialty Shops/Suppliers,
Publications, Clubs & Museums, Sanctioning Bodies, etc.  Each group is
broken down into detailed description for each entity, including address,
specialties, phone numbers, etc.
Very Interesting....

Lastly I have around 250 pages of articles, catalogs, brochures, how-to
guides, etc. 
from sources such as Mid-Engineering, Silva Kit installing 215 BOP engine,
Kelmark kits, Kennedy Engineered Products, Muncie 4-speed gear ratios, K&K
Automotive in ILL installing a 283, Crown Corv-8, Skip Huth's V-8 into Early
Coupe, Corvan V-8, another Crown Mfg article and 2-3 more Crown articles.

Lot's of memories......but I'm glad we kept the car original, as it was when
Mom bought it.  It's still a Corsa, 4-speed, posi with original interior
(carpet replacement), one re-paint in the same Crocus Yellow (1980s) and
only 90k miles.  Runs great!

Now, to find the original Bill of Sale.........

Steve Hammatt
Mount Vernon WA USA

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My poor memory
Anyone remember the name of the long time Chevy dealership in Laguna Beach?

Steve Hammatt
Mount Vernon WA USA
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