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Regarding the great question: " What value and priority should CORSA, in the
form of its membership, put on documenting, preserving, and celebrating
original "survivor" Corvair cars and trucks?"
I suggest a different route. CORSA for all these years, really hasn't had the patience for the " stock corvair people" Can I just say "Lambrect" car at Knoxville, and that will get the purists blood boiling. The unofficial rules for concourse now are " completeness and cleanliness"' The word " correctness" has been gone for a long time. Sure they put a good face up with the Preservation award, but even that is almost impossible to achieve. So I say the stock corvair group should partner up with the Corvair Preservation Foundation, and the Corvair museum. Just seems like if your going to have a relevant library, or ? of stock corvair information, you would find it at a museum , not necessarily at a convention. Sure the CPF is going through some changes now with the museum moving, and monetary issues. But siding with CORSA all these years hasn't gotten us nowhere. Maybe the CPF board could make a "arm" of the museum for the SCG to further there objectives in the future. Less face it, SCG will never be on CORSA's  o.k. list. With the new beginnings of the museum, this may be a chance for us to go along with the ride. We could have our own CPF stock corvair concourse at the convention's or if the museum still has open houses, it could work there as well, and be a draw to the museum. Mike Hall if you are reading this, please consider.

One more thing; Wondering what to do with all those accumulated Communiques? Take them to your doctors office or anywhere that has public magazines, and leave a few (cross your name out) What a great way to introduce someone who has no involvement in our hobby to see what we are about.
Vairly yours,
Jim Weppelman

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