<VV> Auto chokes on 61 heads

N2VZD TIM n2vzd at aol.com
Sun Nov 24 13:51:27 EST 2019

I have done this a couple times by drilling the hole and putting the auto chokes on the heads using the lower shroud to hold them. Most recently on the CNY Corvair Club display motor on a trailer. Now I removed the lower shrouds and the chokes still work.  I have saved chokes from trashed heads from junk motors , so I have a few. I hated the hand choke carbs , so put later ones on.   I used hand choke carbs to build secondary for 4 carb motors.If you look , the area to drill is there. use 1/4 drill. then 64 or newer carbs for best .  Somewhere I have pictures taken when we built the club motor from a junker 61 , including the choke job.
Tim Colson  C N Y C C

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