<VV> Wanted: Original A/C Condenser Removal Sticker

Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Sun Sep 1 13:34:21 EDT 2019


I don't have a decal to share but you might want to upload your photo to 
WhatTheFont.com.  You upload a photo, highlight the text that uses the 
font you want to identify, and the website will return the likeliest 
match(es).  I used this website with success several years ago when 
trying to identify the font used on Corvair window stickers.

The software is not always perfect but what it does do is highlight 
attributes of the font that might not have been apparent to you at first 
glance (e.g., the shapes of the letters E, N, and S seem to jump out 
from the "Condenser" decal results).  From my casual experimentation, it 
looks like the font might be a member of the Futura family.

Once you've gotten some ideas about what the font could be, the other 
thing to do is to look at the history of the font and make sure that it 
came into use before the 1960s ... Futura works again as it was first 
developed in 1927 
(https://www.downloadfonts.io/futura-font-family-free/). Scroll down and 
look at the future example on that "family tree" website and note the 
similarity to the condenser decal.


Steven "had to type 'what the font' very carefully" Serenska
Bristol, RI

1965 Monza Convertible, 110/4
1966 Corsa Coupe, 140/4

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