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tony underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Tue Sep 3 12:28:55 EDT 2019

> in the same vein as "There was never a 4-cylinder Corvair", the one I 
> would add to the list would be:
> "No, it is not the car that had the push-button transmission."  

Hmm... :)  It seems all that's necessary it to stop or park...

Cashier at 7-11:  "You know, them things is dangerous.  They banned them in Georgia." 
Guy with 5 cars in his back yard, all wrecked, including a battered late 4-door that caught my eye, had to ask about it:  "Them Corvairs are widowmakers that will kill you in a heart beat! You wanna buy it?  I'll take 1200 bucks for it."  

Random dude at Lowes Hardware:  "I had a '66 Corvair, it was a Spyder with the Porsche engine with 4 carburetors."  

Anther random dude at same Lowes:  "Is that the one with 4 carburetors one for each cylinder?"  
Me: "No, this one only has one carburetor."  

Guy in shotgun seat beer in hand in a Camaro beside me at a light:  "Hey man, nice 'Vette."  
Me in Corsa ragtop:  "It's actually a Fiat."  
He... deer in headlights.  

At Krogers, older gentleman:  "I knew that was a Corvair before I even turned around to look. It's been over 30 years since I heard one.  Nothing else sounds like that."  

As a plus-1 at a reunion:  late 90s Mustang pilot, female... "What kinda car is that?  Is it Japanese? Whatever it is, it's ugly."  (this was my Corsa ragtop and it was looking sharp at the time) I declined to say anything, pointless... what with Mustang owners being the way they are.  

A hip-hopper followed me into the parking lot at work.  I was in my '60 4-door.  Those of you who know me and have seen the car, well...    
Him:  "Hey man you wanna sell it?  It'd be a bad "mofo" slammed and pink with wires, be one of a kind true dat!" 
Me:  "Naah, someone already did that."  
(the above is verbatim word for word)

...on that note, I again lurk. 


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