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Excellent observation.  I missed it.  That spare was an option only for the GT Mustang and your implication that it is "special" is probably correct.  The folks at C&D are professionals.  Why didn't they realize that their test subject was not a realistic representation of the real world.  Maybe it was because it wouldn't result in a "gotcha" article.  They were more interested in the amusing burn-out marks the car left than in serving the real interests of the readers. Shame on them.
You would think that C&D would have run a test that was more realistic for "Joe Average."  This is especially the case considering that this is a safety issue.  Their grossly incomplete and misleading article has resulted in Jack putting himself in danger and Lord only knows how many others are driving around on time bombs. My previous analogy to Russian roulette seems very appropriate.  Further, all those people are also endangering loved ones in their own cars as well as drivers and pedestrians around them.  There are probably many people out there driving around with a false sense of security and pride that they found a perfectly acceptable source of cheapo tires.  I would imagine that the Mustang GT spare tires aren't all that cheap.
I know that magazines thrive on publishing "interesting" articles that grab your attention but they should handle anything safety related in a much more scientific and ethical manner or not publish the article at all.  At a minimum,they should include a disclaimer in bold red letters that the article is just for entertainment value and should not be taken seriously when considering the use (or misuse) of mini spares.  JMHO
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The mini spare in that test was huge compared to most I've seen. 155 width and they said is was a very soft compound which wore quickly.They also claimed with the standard tires skidpad was .88g and with the mini spare on the inside rear it was .91g.  Suspect.They claimed braking distance was better with the mini on the front vs the rear.  Also suspect for a front engine car.>From these results I would have to conclude that the spare in the test was made with a racing type compound which fits their quote from Ford.All that test really showed is that that model of Mustang comes with a high performance spare unlike any I've seen on regular cars.

Joel McGregor

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