<VV> One Low-Beam Out... Sometimes

Robert Marlow, Vairtec Corporation vairtec at optimum.net
Fri Apr 3 16:36:08 EDT 2020

Going back decades, my then-girlfriend had a '66 Monza DD on which the 
driver's side low beam lamp sometimes -- not always -- failed to 
illuminate.  Subscribing as we did to the Corvair Cheapskate Philosophy, 
the solution was to get out of the car, whack the lens with the side of 
your fist, and the light would come on.

This "repair" succeeded each time for the better part of a year before 
the lamp finally refused to comply.


On 4/3/2020 1:08 PM, Michael Mauro via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Re: my 67 coupe... with low-beams selected, right-side low-beam is out; when I press the floor switch for high-beam, all four beams illuminate. Question... do I need to replace the right-side low beam; or, is there a wiring issue? (Of course, if the fix is a new bulb, I'll replace both to insure the same amount of illumination). Please advise. Thinks!
> Mike Mauro

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