<VV> Smitty's take on No Corvair Content

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 6 07:34:12 EDT 2020

1. Maps (Smitty) What's happening to VV? 


I have been simply deleting the digests this past week without reading after looking at the content and seeing how long they are. While I understand the desire to commensurate in depressing times (I had a psychology minor in college), the answers to the recent concerns should have been obvious and nipped. (I spent a lot of time on UK roads pre-GPS in a career in the paper industry). The Brits don't need bright lights because they don't have any cars fast enough so that their braking distance exceeds their lighted distance (their auto insurance rates are based on how fast their cars can go). They need better maps because they drive on the wrong side of skinny roads and need to know far in advance when to get off roundabouts.

Now, with that settled, lets get back to car stuff!
"USA, USA, USA, USA.....!"

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