<VV> Off topic - Shop lights

gw gergwerks at comcast.net
Wed Apr 8 15:44:00 EDT 2020

Recently finished our 22x38 pole barn / shop and looking for good lighting suggestions. 11’ side walls and vaulted trusses. 

I really like the 8’ LED fixtures - but there seem to be equal good / bad reviews. These are the fixtures - not the fluorescent replacement LED tubes.  You can get 8 - 10 packs in the $130-$180 range. Understand you get what you pay for also. 

Anyone have a suggestions or good / bad story to share when outfitting your shop? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 

As soon as I get wired up and ‘lit’ I plan to bring the ‘64 more-door here to get busy on. 


Monroe, LA

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