<VV> VIRUS report from my Corvair shop

N2VZD TIM n2vzd at aol.com
Thu Apr 16 16:54:38 EDT 2020

Nothing different going on in my shop in Memphis NY.( near Syracuse) I am still working at least 4 hours a day on several projects , including one for ME. I am assembling the 8 dr van project that came to me unassembled . I am rebuilding the powertrain  for a 63 coupe from Colorado . It came to me with a 3:89 posi differential with a 4 speed FC tranny (no backup switch)  so for around here I found a 3:27 car setup ( on Virtual Vairs) to rebuild for it.
   I just put another powertrain together for the Rampy with a 3:55 differential , powerglide , .060 full fin Clark's Cylinders , 270 cam  now ready to swap. I am also building a 65 110hp motor from one of the cores I bought from the 2 estates a few years ago. This one will probably go into a 62 4 door here in the area or just go up for sale.
    My other dream project is to get paint on my 64 A/C coupe that has everything else rebuilt and ready to drive.So same old routine here  , just not going out to eat any more or shopping at stores. We now use Schwans food delivery service for most of our food.  Not using much fuel in the cars now..we still are getting snow here most days , only enough to aggravate , but still not driving Rampy yet. Our group is now agonizing over probably cancelling  the C N Y C C Recall this year. It was just on TV that the state is on shutdown at least until May15 and probably more , plus masks are required in any stores etc.   Regards, Tim Colson (with ball and chain on )  http://cnycorvair.com/Little_Corvair_Shop.php  

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