<VV> Yenko Stinger History

Mark Morgan rangermk at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 1 12:54:32 EST 2020

 I'm writing an article for the Show-Me Corvair Club newsletter concerning the participation of a '65 Corvair (presumably Monza, driven by Spurgeon May and Bobby Allison) and a Yenko Stinger in the February 1966 Daytona Continental 24-hour race.  The Stinger was sponsored by McMillan Ring Free Oil and driven by Art Riley and Flushing, NY, Chevrolet dealer Russ MacGrotty.  I checked the Yenko Stinger Archives online, MacGrotty is listed as the seller of a Stinger in mid-1966, but wasn't able to determine which YS he ran at Daytona. 

Anyone out there know which car MacGrotty and Riley drove, and the car's current disposition/owner?  Thanks in advance. 

Mark MorganBallwin, MO

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