<VV> Another 140 question or 3

Randy (Cap'n) Hook judynrandy at comcast.net
Sun Jan 12 19:36:06 EST 2020

Hi there,
It's me again.  And no, you haven't been hacked.  I have another 140 question or 3:  #1.  You say I can use primary carbs as secondaries.  Fair enough.  Does the year matter?  What about jet size?  And if I use '65 and up carbs, does the power enrichment circuit need to be disabled?  I have a decent set of '63 primaries I could possibly use.    #2.  I finally got said assembly out of the car last evening.  Upon checking the governer, I noticed it had a big splotch of orange paint on the end.  What color is a 140 governer's paint spotch supposed to be?  I can't remember and couldn't find it mentioned anywhere in the tech guide or '65 shop manual.  I'm thinking it's supposed to be a purple paint splotch.  #3.  If it turns out to be a wrong governer, coupled with the wrong distributor, any advice on how to set this thing up for driveability? (NOT rippin' and tearin')  It also has a 3:55 non-posi diff. 
As always, thanks in advance for all your help and advice.

Randy (Cap'n) Hook
Hopewell,  PA

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