<VV> Stripped plug.

Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 17:23:04 EST 2020

There are all sorts of thread inserts with various ODs for repairing 
stripped threads.  You should be able to repair back to the original thread 
size.  I don't know the OD of your failed insert, thus have no idea if this 
particular insert will work, but it is an example of something other than a 


Jim Becker

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Working on my latest toy today and when I pulled the last plug a
KD insert came with it.  Not un screwed, but just pulled out of the hole. 
Came out with the plug. I have many limitations since my wreck so no way in 
hell am I going to consider pulling the head.  Don’t know if it will work 
but I am leaning toward cutting the threaded part off of one of the more 
common plugs in my collection.  18 mm ACs are common as dirt.  Then tapping 
the plug hole in the head out to 18 mm. Anybody tried this?  What are the 
pitfalls outside of providing a collar to prevent the new insert from going 
in too far.   Am I making this too hard?.  Is there already an oversized 
insert available?

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