<VV> Stripped plug hole

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Fri Jan 17 22:46:19 EST 2020

It’s been a few days since I raised the subject, so here’s an update.  Just as a reminder, the hole I have was repaired with what appears to be a KD insert which failed and pulled out.  Next a repair was attempted using what appears to be a BigSert.  It also pulled out.  Not condemning anyone or any product.   it just is what it is.  So doing some research on line I find there are many types of repair inserts for huge holes.  BigSert being my repair of choice I quickly found out that wasn’t going to happen.  Price for a set of tools and an insert was between $600 and $900.  I finally hooked up with the Thread kits Company in California.  Talked to a gent named Gene on the phone, who took the time to discuss the problem and offered several options.  I chose to use the EasyLock insert at a cost of around $10 .  The big drawback for some folks would be the tools to prepare the hole.  In my case a 7/16 drill would be required (not cheap), and a 3/4 x 16 tap (not cheap) .  Just happened to have those.  I ordered the inserts today.
I’m not one who gives testimonials easily but I just had to give an attaboy for Gene and the help he gave me on this project.   Smitty

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