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clynn66 at bigpond.net.au clynn66 at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jun 5 01:28:47 EDT 2020

Not sure how effective it would be but maybe worth a shot.

Plug all the drain holes in the bottom of the sills and doors, then pour
fish oil into the holes under the windscreen and door cavities.

Use a fair bit so that all the passageways are full and the doors have about
2 inches deep inside slouching about in bottom of doors.

The fish oil is very penetrating and will soak into every crevice it can and
will certainly slow rust down.

I have used it when I see rust seeping out of a body seam line, and after
treatment the signs of rust are gone.

Then after a while open the drain holes and as the fish oil drains out the
bottom it should leave a coating on the inside of all the drains and the
bottom of the doors.

If you were worried about the cost of using so much fish oil in the doors
you could probably do 1 door at a time and recycle what comes out the bottom
with a can under each hole. 

Not sure what the fish oil is like in US but down here it doesn't smell. If
the US fish oil does smell, the only downside is you may be replacing the
rust issue with a cat issue.

Colin LYNN #28299

Perth, Western Australia.

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