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clynn66 at bigpond.net.au clynn66 at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jun 5 17:43:59 EDT 2020

A few guys have suggested drained engine oil would be a cheaper rust
treatment alternative to fish oil, which it definitely would. However the
fish oil we use here is odourless, leaves a clear dry coating and is 500%
more penetrating than engine oil. You may have trouble getting engine oil to
run down the drain holes under the windscreen. Fish oil flows like water and

We get it here in Australia in spray cans or in tins to brush on. It seems
our fish oil may be sold in US under a different name.

If you have got rust weeping out from where 2 body or trim parts join, spray
or paint fish oil on the area and you will be amazed how much it penetrates
and actually goes looking for the rust. When you are finished you won't have
any more rust signs or residue. Engine oil new or old will not have anywhere
near the same penetrating or protective effect, not to mention the mess
engine oil will create.

I am about to re-install my power train and I have taken the opportunity to
liberally spray all up around the floor and suspension around where the
gearbox will sit. Its magic stuff and so easy to use.

The only downside to it is you can't of course paint over it. But that is
easily solved by cleaning with a decent wax and grease remover before
painting, which you would probably do anyway. 

I am surprised it is not more commonly used up there. The mystery is what is
it called in US.

Colin LYNN #28299

Perth, Western Australia.


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