<VV> Oil leak

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Hi Chuck,
 I checked through the sparkplug openings with an endoscope, no leaks there. Drain is clear.
If a stud o-ring was damaged during installation 5 years ago, its taken this long for the leak to appear. Looks like time to order a batch of vitons.

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Hi Jim,
IMHO, Yes. Especially with all the stories about how slippery synthetic oil
is, resulting in leaks. Local with a  Northstar cad, about 15yr? old, in
super excellent shape, has developed a rear main seal leak. Dlr wants a
couple thous to change it. He has resorted to using Dino vice Synthetics and
it helps slow the leak significantly.
Couple things to check. These are a reach. One, the turbo drain plumbing is
good on top etc but is hole in head plugged or open? Second, could oil be
blown by fan on underside of top shroud and drip down from the outer edge?
If you can see up there enough, you can probably rule that out, too.
Good Luck
Chuck S

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Subject: <VV> Oil leak
Could it be an o-ring behind the pushrod guide has begun to leak? Anyone
have this happen before? It is not leaking from the pushrod o-rings or valve
covers or top cover or turbo drain plumbing.
I can see no other leaks or routes that leaking oil could take.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Jim C.   707-326-6220
65 corsa 140/turbo

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