<VV> Paint that sticks to Rustoleum

Charles Sadek Chsadek at comcast.net
Sat Jun 6 15:46:24 EDT 2020

After experiencing differing paints not sticking to the original red fish oil Rustoleum, I read a Rustoleum pamphlet which stated to use their Clean Metal Primer, a light yellow paint, as a primer for the fish oil paint. I did. I then painted their Satin Black over it. Used it on a LM front cross member about 40 yr ago. Only breaches have been stone chips thru the paint. No other rust..
I don't know if the paints are the same now.
Chuck S 

> years. Extend was pretty good product until they thickened it up to
> where it wouldn't run into cracks.  Besides doing rust conversion, it
> is paintable.
> The folklore on Rust-Oleum always said you couldn't paint over it.  I
> never tried.
> Jim Becker

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