<VV> Main top shroud 1964 Spyder

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The '64 assembly manual shows the same as Jim S. described for the lates. 
The part looks a lot like the bracket part of the balance tube on the 
non-turbo engines.

Jim Becker

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I can't say definitively what goes on a '64, but the late turbos have a
small bracket between those two holes.  (That's what's on my '66 and is
shown in the '66 assembly manual.)  The bracket has a couple bends in it,
both to allow the holes to align as well -- I assume -- to allow some

The best source for what the factory did is the Factory Assembly Manual.
Clarks Corvair sells them -- it's C7314 for the 1964 model, US $ 16.00 plus

Jim Simpson
Group Corvair

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