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There are a couple of fixed bolt locations in the top of the engine shrouds
for my 1964 Spyder that I am unsure about.

They are both on the centre line of the car, one on the front of the main
fan surround and the other one on the front crossover shroud above the

They are about 2 inches apart when shrouds are installed. I can't find
anything in literature to explain what they are for regarding turbo

The 1961 Shop Manual (section 7-6) shows them being used to carry a Vacuum
Balance Tube bracket and elsewhere shows the main one used for an air
cleaner support.

Both of those applications do not apply for a turbo situation.

I was wondering if there is something to go there for the turbo situation or
if I should make up a simple bracket between the 2 bolt locations to give
the shrouds some reinforcement.

Would appreciate any advice/comment.


Colin LYNN

Perth, Western Australia

 Colin- yes you are right, for the turbo application it doesnt really do much. I inadvertantly left mine off years ago, but remembered to plug the hole in the main shroud with the bolt that went there. It would be relatively easy to make something to go in its place if desired but as long as mine has been off, (years) I can tell you no harm will come if you leave it off, and remember to at least plug the hole in the shroud with the correct bolt. If not using the bolt that originally went there, BE CAREFULL to find one that is short enough to not protrude into the shroud... its possible for the fan to hit it!!
Kevin Nash
1963 port fuel injected turbo
daily driver


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