<VV> Bouncing 64 Convertible

tony.. tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun May 10 09:38:59 EDT 2020

For what it's worth:

I had a similar thing, more a vibration than a bounce, on a '63 Spyder 
coupe.  Balancing tires didn't help.  I finally got the car on a lift 
with the engine running and the car in gear with the throttle cranked up 
a bit to see what might be going on.  Driver's side rear wheel was 
wobbling.   Bent wheel?

Nope. The axle was bent.  Replaced the axle, all was well.


On 5/8/2020 6:36 PM, Tom Berg via VirtualVairs wrote:
> One or more wheels might be bent or otherwise damaged. Happened with our 'Vair (also a '64 convert) 20 years ago. I replaced the stock (but not original) steel wheels with aftermarket aluminum wheels. The vibration disappeared and handling improved.
> --Tom in Ohio

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