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Tony hit the nail on the head.
You need a bolted flywheel and a new starter Bendix.

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Question on a 63 Monza convertible, original owner, 103K miles. I was concerned some time back when there was a discussion about abad flywheel and starter motors. It raised my concern that our vehicle had a bad flywheel. Our vehicle would have an intermittent problem withstarting. Where it sounded like the starter was not engaging the flywheel.It might occur 2-3 times with turning the key but it always resolved andthe car would start. While idling in neutral (3 speed manual) it was noisy(rattling?). That noise would disappear when the clutch was engaged.Recently the car started up instantaneously. I left it running, when I gotback in to move it,  it stalled. When I tried to restart there was no indication of it cranking, just a "whaaaa" sound. I attached a super starter to exclude a battery problem, same result. Is this a flywheel failure a solenoid failure, bad starter motor?  Thoughts on the cause, diagnostic steps?  ThanksBill :)y                            When you are lucky enough to be at the beach...... you are lucky enough :)    
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