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FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sun May 17 23:31:56 EDT 2020

And with the sender wire connected to ground, the gauge should read empty.

0 ohms to ground on sender wire should read Empty,  90 ohms to ground on 
the sender wire should read full, infinity to ground should read better 
than full, i.e. Matt's test of removing the wire from the sending unit.

Frank DuVal

On 5/17/2020 3:42 PM, Matt via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Brian wrote:
> One of my club members is trying to diagnose a faulty gas gauge in his late-model Monza convertible.  Before we go to the expense and hard work of replacing the sending unit, is there any way we can isolate the issue?  When the tank is full there is no movement of the gauge.  Sending unit appears to have a good ground.  Thanks.
> Pull the wire at the  sending unit.. Gauge should go to full.  “”sunkfloat”
> Matt Nall
> Sea Mountain
> SW  Oregon Coast

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