N2VZD TIM n2vzd at aol.com
Wed May 20 09:42:44 EDT 2020

Today's properly equipped shop has a balancer that spins the wheel on a hub , with sensors to figure where and how much weight to install. It also warns if the vwheel is out of true and tells you where. It also may be good enough to suggest remounting the tire differently for a better balance. Ours tells you to mark the tire , then spin it again to mark the wheel , them remount the tire and rebalance. It also says where /if the wheel is out of round too much. I have not been near it in a few years to use it , but between it and a good tire  mounting machine , we spent enough to buy a good car to take proper care of tires and the newer alloy wheels.
So find a good busy tire shop to check your wheels for you. I have fond memories of the old bear on the car balancers, including moments when the adapter assembly might not stay on a wheel at times.., You needed your wits about you to use those.Regards Tim Colson  


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