<VV> Off Topic - Hard Water Car Washing Solutions

Allen C Ladriere ladrier1 at live.marshall.edu
Thu May 21 11:41:45 EDT 2020


I live in the country on very hard well water. Consequently, I have terrible water spots left behind when I wash my cars (including my 1964 Corvair 110 Monza convertible—Corvair content). In addition to looking awful, I know these deposits aren’t good for the paint. Once I complete the wash, I try to dry the car off as quickly as possible, but generally still end up with spots. I have had success with filling a spray bottle with a solution of vinegar and distilled water and spraying down the spots, but this is time consuming and annoying. Does anyone have any tips or any recommendations for products that may help?  I am looking at an Unger Rinse ‘n’ Go Spotless Car Washing System with Deionization filter from Costco for $120. Does anyone have any experience with this or similar products? How long do the deionization filters last?

Thanks in advance for your input. 

A.C. LaDriere
Marysville, OH
1964 Corvair Monza convertible

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