<VV> EM ventilation fan wiring

clynn66 at bigpond.net.au clynn66 at bigpond.net.au
Wed May 27 08:44:31 EDT 2020

I am about to install the power train in my 1964 Spyder 4-speed coupe.

I took the opportunity to check out the ventilation fan that sits above the
gearbox before I closed off access.

The full wiring is not complete so I ran some 12 volt wires to the 2 spade
terminals on the fan unit. It turned over ok.

The spade connector closest to the centre of the unit has a wire that goes
back into the tunnel to I expect eventually finish up at the switch in the

However there is no other wire in the vicinity to connect to the outer spade
connector which I suspect would be an earth.

The wiring diagram suggests that the main wire to the dash is BRN (brown)
but mine seems to be black with a red stripe, which is probably ok.

But the wiring diagram doesn't show a second wire coming off the unit from
the second spade connector.

Is anyone aware where the second wire off the unit is best to anchor to
complete the earth.


Colin LYNN, Perth, Western Australia, #28299

1964 Spyder coupe LHD

1966 El Camino RHD

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