<VV> Missing Coil Wire

Brian bmoneill at juno.com
Fri Oct 9 14:14:05 EDT 2020

A few weeks ago I posted about an issue on a 1961 Greenbrier.  There was only one wire going to the positive side of the coil and it was the fabric covered resistance wire.  I could not understand how this would provide 12 V during starting.  I got a number of answers to my question.  The most helpful was the fact that it appears that on new wiring harnesses from Clark's there is a missing yellow wire from the starter relay to the coil.  If my memory serves me correctly it was supposed to be yellow wire.  I think I also received instructions as to which terminal on a solenoid the hook up to but an e-mail crash has wiped out all the information.  Can somebody help?  Thanks.
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