<VV> "Linkage Clips

tony.. tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun Oct 11 14:28:15 EDT 2020

I developed bending and shaping plated paper clips into carb linkage 
clips into a fine art long ago, via  pair of good  quality needle-nose 

Hey, it works... field-expedience etc.


On 10/10/2020 10:25 PM, FrankDuVal via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Yes, have a selection of them to replace if one goes flying.:-)
> Now if you are inside a modern door with a broken plastic linkage clip, 
> drill a 1/16" hole trough the rod and use a couple washers and a 1/16" 
> cotter pin to replcae that broken clip. Done this countless times.
> Frank DuVal
> On 10/10/2020 3:16 PM, Ralphsebrell via VirtualVairs wrote:
>> Grrrrr Has any one found an alternative to the pesky "Linkage 
>> Clips"? The clips to clip a rod to a pivot on the carbs.ThanksRalph 
>> Sebrell69  140 vert

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