<VV> Air conditioning kit

Brian bmoneill at juno.com
Tue Oct 20 19:22:34 EDT 2020

I recently purchased an air conditioning kits for my 1961 four door from our beloved New England parts supplier.  Installation has been a struggle even with the assistance of two club members.  Right now the biggest issue is the routing of the hose from the evaporator under the dash to the back of the car.  The pictures that came with the instructions are copies of copies of copies.  No real dimensions for cutting holes are given.  One of the instructions talks about and I quote "holes you have previously drilled".  Well guess what I have a drilled any holes yet.  I'm very interested to know if anyone in the group has successfully installed one of these kids and if so would be willing to converse with me off-line and possibly even send me some pictures.  Many thanks.
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