<VV> Got towed again

tony.. tony.underwood at cox.net
Mon Oct 26 20:07:10 EDT 2020

On 10/26/2020 7:34 PM, Richard via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Finally thought I'd nailed it.  My 66 Monza convertible was running great after I had the carbs rebuilt and adjusted the points and timing.  It was sputtering at high rpm before. Drove to the hardware store and parked it.  Came out and it started right up. Drove 1/2 Mile and it dropped dead. After I got it towed home it started right up.  I thought it was a vapor lock, but it was 55 degrees.  I pulled my the filler tube AND vent tube....no clogs. How about coil? Given the high temperature of the air cooled engine compartment, these could must expire fairly often.   I'll try a new one but this car knows when I'm far from home.   Shoulda joined triple A

I remember last time mentioning this.



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